Saturday, January 2, 2016

Planning a Homestead Garden Part 1

This Yule I was gifted a copy of the 2016 Whole Seed Catalog from Baker Creek Seeds ( You can request a FREE copy here. This tremendous catalog is a treasure trove of information as well as an amazing selection of seeds from which to choose. Winter hasn't quite hit Oklahoma yet in terms of snow, but I have this sneaking suspicion that January and February will provide plenty. Winter is my favorite time of year to peruse seed catalogs and dream of the garden I have always wanted. I have lofty goals in terms of the gardens I envision here at Tiny House Homestead. Some of the non-negotiables that always come to mind when I am planning my garden are:

  • Enclosed garden areas to keep critters out
  • Partially shaded areas as well as full sun areas
  • Raised beds that will be reused each year with amended soil from my own compost heap
  • A wide variety of vegetables that will rotate with the seasons for maximum production
  • Minimal weeds
  • A drought-friendly watering system
  • Foods that can be put by through home canning and freezing
  • Flowers to beautify my yard as well as decorate my table along with edible flowers to pretty up my salads
  • Fruit trees
  • An herb garden
  • Rock or brick pathways between the beds
  • A garden that will serve as landscaping around my buildings
  • A garden area suitable for outdoor living 
I will be publishing a series of posts on planning my garden. You can find the next post here: Planning a Homestead Garden Part 2: Raised Beds. 

Right now I am going to begin my dreaming with a hot cup of coffee, put my feet up, and lose myself in the Baker Creek Seed Catalog right now. 

Do you garden? What do you like to grow? What do you have struggles with growing? Share with us in the comments below.