Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Eat an Elephant

It is finally happening!  That rat-trap of an old trailer is going away! The demolition crew has been out here dismantling it for the last two days. Yesterday I realized they had begun work when they had used a saws-all to remove a window and left it leaning up against the tongue of the trailer. I was even more pleased when I got home from work this evening to see more progress had been made. I figured a photo is worth a thousand words so I snapped a few pics to share.

 If only you could smell this place, you would have a better understanding of how icky this thing is. In fact, I had a wardrobe box that had pillows stuffed in the bottom that I have chosen to burn because the pillows now smell like that trailer and I don't think soap, bleach, and hot water can undo that stink! 

Mold abounds in this place. I am pretty sure that is what causes the stink. 

Check out the vintage carpet that was in the closet. I have no idea what year this was built, but I am guessing it was sometime in the 1970's. I can't imagine what it looked like when it was first built and makes me wonder about the people that lived in it and allowed it to get in this condition. 

This shot shows what is left of the master bathroom. There used to be walls and doors that partitioned all the rooms. They have been removed at this point.  I had left the door shut because it was infested with wasps when I first explored the building. I hope the demo crew didn't run into any of them!

In this shot you can see the ripped out shower stall of the other bathroom as well as the furnace. 

None of the sinks or tubs were worth salvaging. Off to the dump they will go.

What a mess!

Some things that can be recycled are stacked on the porch. I noticed my extension cord got left behind and promptly grabbed it up. Seems I didn't get everything out of storage like I thought. Off in the distance you can see the new soaker tub I have ready to install in the new bathroom I am building up by the Shouse and Shedroom. 

A pile to be burned waits patiently at the bottom of the property to be burned. Not my choice of how to get rid of the scrap, but it is the common practice here. 
I am excited to come home one evening and see the entire thing is gone. How wonderful it will be to look at the beauty of this property and not see that old eye-sore ruining the view! 

As soon as this is gone, the backhoe will be brought in to begin digging the trenches to run the water line! I can hardly stand the wait!