Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Green and Lush, Time to Mow

This winter and spring have been amazing. Tons of rain has put a significant dent in Oklahoma's drought and caused my land to become lush and fertile. The forest is dense and the plant growth is astounding. Because I do not yet have a big fancy riding mower with which to tackle these 4 acres, I needed to hire someone to do the job.

Thick and Green Everywhere!

Last year my good friend Sharon and her husband came out with their brush hog and tractor, making short work of this land that had been neglected for so long. However, this year their brush hog is broken and the job can really be done with a standard riding mower anyway.

Add This Poison Ivy Plant is HUGE!
Not only have the desirable native plants taken off, but Poison Ivy is thriving as well. I haven't even bothered to look for Poison Oak or Poison Sumac.

Thick Growth Makes Getting Around Harder

I contacted  Aztec Lawn Service for a quote yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find it isn't as expensive as I thought it would be! Aztec will mow my 2.5 acres of grasses and growth for $100 the first time, and then $50 a month after. Seeing as how the growing season ends around October, that means it should cost about $300 for the entire season! Whoot!

The Forest Growth is Amazing!

Keeping in mind a riding mower costs around $4000 for a decent zero-turn, I could hire Aztec for more than 10 years before I would spend that much. Plus, if I own the mower I would have to maintain it and store it.

I know the west is still suffering their drought, but I think Oklahoma can safely say we have quenched our thirst!