Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top 10 Gifts for Tiny House Dwellers

Know someone who lives in a small space? Limited space means practical, but awesome gifts! Here are some holiday suggestions for gifts that make sense for people who live in tiny houses or even those who don't.

This coffee maker, oven, and griddle in one will multi-task and help you by combining multiple appliances into one practical and cool looking counter top unit. 

Digital photo frames are the modern day equivalent to all those photo albums you see at grandma's house. Thousands of photos will rotate reminding you of all the good times and places you have been. A bonus is it will function as a nightlight as well.

Dice games are great because they take up so little space. Dice are easy to replace if lost too! 

A storage ottoman allows for extra seating in a tiny house as well as storage for blankets, magazines, and such. Ottomans are very practical and attractive. 

All kinds of collapsible kitchen goods are available these days. Collanders, measuring cups, measuring spoons, bowls, and more all will store with the smallest of footprints when collapsed flat. Silicone is super easy to clean as well!

One of the things that is toughest in a tiny house is corralling important letters such as utility bills and where to store your car keys. This attractive and practical shelf will take care of both dilemmas and make a convenient place to stick the mail and drop the keys as you enter with your hands full. 

Dee Williams memoir talks about her adventure of downsizing her life to her tiny home. Building it by herself, Dee rose to the challenge and embraced a more simplified, far less stressful life. Dee is a power house in the world of tiny houses. 

I love this shower caddy for a couple of reasons. First, I love that it is mesh which means it won't hold water and get mildewey. Secondly I love that it hangs on the curtain hooks instead of depending on useless little suction cups that never hold. This would be good for storing children's bath toys so they don't get icky. 

I adore this cutting board. The drawers can be used for the food you prep or to store flatware, plastic baggies, etc. Every kitchen needs a cutting board. This one will earn its keep. 

Not the most personal of all gifts, gift cards allow the receiver to choose what they need for their tiny home. Try pairing it with a small token gift such as an oven mitt and kitchen utensil or with a mug and box of hot cocoa mix. 

All of these great items can be ordered online, so if you are like me and think Black Friday is just craziness, check 'em out. Most, if not all, are Amazon Prime eligible. 

Happy shopping!