Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Shower Curtain - Step By Step

This is a very simplified set of instructions to make a shower curtain. If you are making a standard size shower curtain it should measure 72" x 72" when complete. You can custom size your shower curtain (as I did) but these instructions will show you how to sew a standard shower curtain.

Sewing a shower curtain is quick and easy. This shower curtain will require 100% cotton fabric of your choice (4.75 yards) and some piping (5 yards) along with 12 grommets. You can forgo grommets if you know how to do button holes on your sewing machine.  I always suggest cotton fabric as it washes easily and irons nicely, but a blend fabric will work as well as a flat bed sheet. A flat bed sheet works well because it will have no piecing seams on the front, but piecing the shower curtain looks fine too.

Tips before we begin:

  • Determine your fabrics print direction. Make sure the print isn't upside down when you go to sew pieces together. 
  • Match patterns before cutting off excess. Pin pieces together to match pattern THEN cut off excess. 
  • Sew piping to one side first then pin pieces together. This helps make a nicer seam with less sliding away from the piping. 
  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Adjust the shower curtain to fit your needs by measuring what you want to cover and add 4" to the width and 10" to the length to allow for hems.
  • Take your time to take out bad seams and redo them. You will be much happier with the finished product. 
  • To sew a blind hem, follow this tutorial from Professor Pincushion

4 3/4 yards of fabric
5 yards piping (optional)
12 grommets (optional)


Here is how to do it step-by-step (please note, I am doing this with different color fabrics on a small scale to help you along visually.)

1. Measure out your first piece of fabric 80" long. This allows for cuff and hem as well. Next measure the second length of fabric 80" long as well. Cut the second piece of fabric in half lengthwise.

2. Attach the two pieces on either side of your original piece. This will double its width. You can sew these together with piping or just match the pattern and create one giant piece of fabric. It is up to you.

Step 4
3. At this point you can also choose to have an extra full shower curtain or trim the giant piece to measure 80" x 80" or for a standard look shower curtain, cut this piece so that it measures 76" wide x 80 long". To cut the piece smaller remember to remove the same amount from each side to keep it even.

4. Finish all sides with either a serger or a zig-zag stitch to keep them tidy for the next step.

Step 5 and 6
5. Next we will begin hemming the sides. Determine where the sides are on your soon to be shower curtain (your seams where you attached fabric should go from top to bottom) and fold the edges in 2" on each side. Press with your iron.

6. Now fold that 2" section in half by folding under by 1". Press again. Sew either with a blind hem or 1/4 inch in from the edge folded under. You now have the sides finished.

7. Press, Press, Press.

8. For the top, fold it down 4", pin, and press. Now fold up the rough edge 2" and pin. Press. Again, sew this using either a blind hem or 1/4" from the outside of the folded portion. Press. This will be where the grommets or button holes go, so the extra fabric reinforces the area.

9. Fold up the bottom  6" of fabric. Pin and press.

10. Fold the 6"" piece in 2". Pin and press. This time, sew the hem by hand or use the blind hem on your sewing machine. Press.

Steps 11 - 12  Hooks Evenly Spaced 
11. Mark 1" in and 1" down from each side on the top. Now mark 10 even marks between these two points (roughly 6"-8" apart.)  These are where you will either install grommets or add button holes.

12. Install button holes or grommets. You can find an instructional video for each on YouTube.

11. Iron your curtain one last time.

12. Hang your curtain.

13. Get a nice cold drink, stand back, and admire your new shower curtain!

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