Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Very Cool Drain

Continuing on with my quest to find only the best for my tiny house, I discovered I would be needing to buy the drain portion for my kitchen sink. While kicking around my local big-box home improvement store I was stunned to find that drains range in price from around $8 all the way up to $45 with even more expensive options made for the custom sinks those with deep enough pockets to custom order.

I looked at all the choices and found that I really liked the ones that are designed with a small basket that fits in the drain to catch food prior to it going down the drain where it could possibly cause problems later. This will come in especially handy because there will be no garbage disposal in my tiny house. This clever drain will capture shavings and cuttings when I peel potatoes and chop vegetables, etc. and easily empty them into the compost container so that I can add it to the compost pile at my convenience.

 These types of drains are commonly installed in prep sinks and the cheapest one I found was close to $25. Too rich for my blood. So, I visited my two favorite online shopping sites (Amazon and Ebay) to compare prices. I managed to find on of high quality for just $12 including shipping. It arrived today and I am quite pleased. The unit has threads to attached the pipes to it and the "plug" seems to seal quite well. Overall I feel this will be another great detail in my tiny house!