Monday, March 2, 2015

Mason Jar Monday Summer Barbecue Dreaming

It is 19 degrees and snowing today, but that won't stop me from dreaming about summer gardens, swimming, and barbecues. Here is a Mason Jar Monday idea to get you thinking of warmer times to come. These clever barbecue favors save on time and energy running in and out of the house fetching supplies, allowing you a chance to enjoy your barbecue and your guests too. Make one set for the kiddos and another for the adults. Add in napkins, flatware, and a tag for a name to be sure everyone has a drinking glass and utensils. I was thinking of adding salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo packets, hand sanitizer, and a wet wipe as well. Easy peasy way to make sure all your guests have what they need to enjoy their barbecue without you making a million trips into the house. Chin up, summer is just around the corner!