Thursday, March 5, 2015

Free Pond Building Classes

When I bought my land I knew there was no pond on it. There is a seasonal creek that runs through the forest that skirts around the side of the property, but no year-round pond. Recently at a Meet Up group I run (Oklahoma Tiny House Meet Up) one of our members revealed she is employed by a pond company and they offer classes on pond building. The entire group was excited at the opportunity to pick the mind of someone who knew the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a water feature. This weekend is the first class our Meet Up group will be participating in and you are invited too.

Pond Pro
7901 N. Kickapoo Street
Shawnee, OK 74804
Class begins at 10 am

Have I piqued your interest? Here is some further information directly from their website about classes and the order in which they will be presenting:

We'll cover pond and waterfall design, choosing the correct pump and filter for your desired water feature, proper techniques to make your pond and stream look natural, and we'll teach you how to care for it once it’s up and running. Topics include: site selection, design, materials, pumps, filters, fish, plants, and much more. Attendees will have the opportunity to puchase items after the class session so they can take their new found knowledge home to improve on their out-door living area.

Classes are approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours in duration and held on Saturdays from March to October. Please see the schedule below for more information. We will be happy to have you join us.

Schedule of Upcoming 2015 Classes
All our classes are on Saturdays. See start time below, all classes are free and open to the public. Classes may be held in our indoor training facility.

done = Completed Class
 Date Time Class Title
 March 7 10:00 am Spring Start Up
 March 28 10:00 am Pond Filtration
 April 11 10:00 am Pond Build
 April 25 10:00 am Pondless Build
 May 16 10:00 am Plants/Fish/Algae
 June 6 10:00 am Pond Build
 June 27 10:00 am Pondless Build
 July 11 10:00 am Controlling Algae
 July 25 10:00 am Other Water Features
 August 15 10:00 am Waterfalls and Streams
 September 12 10:00 am Pond Build
 September 26 10:00 am Pondless Build
 October 10 10:00 am Pond Build
 October 24 10:00 am Winterizing Your Pond

Pond Pro also offers a free monthly newsletter you can sign up for here

I am excited at the opportunity to participate in FREE classes that help me learn a homesteading skill. Being able to have water on your property only increases its value and usability, not to mention how attractive and serene a pond can be. I hope to see you there!