Sunday, May 11, 2014

Husqvarna Viking 600 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Husqvarna Rose 600 
I got the best gift from my best fried, Liz. She recently purchased a new embroidery sewing machine and sent me her old one. Her old one was my dream to own back when I bought my sewing machine and serger, but I could not afford the thousands of dollars to buy it. Imagine my delight when Liz told me it was on its way to me! I was so excited when her friend and Bishop, who happened to be visiting the Phoenix area, hand delivered it to me.

Today my mom and I sat and played with the machine figuring out the function of each of the multitude of buttons. This machine has a ton of bells and whistles. We started with some simple redwork designs just to get familiar with the settings and to see the machine in action. Once we mastered one-color designs we dove right into one with 14 colors! The first attempt at the basket of flowers was a good learning experience and allowed us to see what colors worked and which did not. The second attempt was so much better and the end result was amazing. You can see the final result in the picture on the left below. The picture on the right shows the pattern in the book. I just adore this machine!

The Pattern In The Book
My Second Attempt
I know that this sewing machine is 14 years old and that new technology has introduced many more fancy machines capable of even more than this one, but I am so very impressed by what this one can do. I am thrilled that I will be able to add embellishments to my work now in a way I never could have before. We had so much fun with this machine that my mother told my father she preferred it over her Pfaff! He promptly logged on to Ebay and bought her her very own. Now we can share patterns and experiences to help one another create amazing projects. How fun will that be?!!

Anyway, if you are a mom or the child of one, I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day. I know I did!