Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Dreamy Bath Tub for a Great Deal

Yesterday I was heading to the feed store and had decided it was time to lock down a bath tub. I had planned from the get go to use a galvanized stock tank as my bath tub. I think it is a durable and attractive, if not unique, option. However, the tank would be over $100 and I am looking for bargains. So, before leaving the house I decided it was time to check Craigslist for a deal one last time. I am certainly glad I did!

Built in arm rests
I found a gorgeous Avonti acrylic drop in tub. Manufactured here in Phoenix by, model BT25 is oval in shape and white in color. It is larger and deeper than my current garden tub and includes built in arm rests. Additionally one of the quality features of Avonti tubs is that they are sprayed with a foam insulation. This makes them quieter and helps keep the water warmer longer. New these tubs run around $650 - $800, more if you have the bubbler option. This particular model runs about $800. I was able to purchase it for $40! That's right, 40 bucks!

Quality insulation for warmer baths
and less noise
Luckily I was able to fit it into the back of my SUV and brought it home safely to my garage. I am very pleased with it since it will go wonderfully with the faucet set I purchased a while back that is designed for a clawfoot tub. Once I build the surround of corrugated metal, this will make a lovely mix of classic and modern materials. It matches the pedestal sink I was gifted with too.

The bathroom is just about complete now. All that is left to purchase is the composting toilet. I had planned on ordering one from, but the guy that builds them seems to either be injured or on vacation a good part of the time. I am not sure that I will be able get the toilet in the time I need, so I am searching for other sources, just in case.
So there you have it. Further proof that checking out Craigslist frequently pays off!

Here's to happy soaking!