Monday, April 7, 2014

Mason Jar Monday: Butterfly In A Jar

I love the detail.
I found this the other day and could not resist purchasing it. What is it? It is a butterfly in a jar. I cannot get over how realistic the butterfly is. Here is how it works:

Under the lid that mimics a mason jar lid, you insert 3 AAA batteries. There is a fine wire that is not perceptible from a normal viewing distance that is attached to a Monarch butterfly. You tap the jar once to wake up your butterfly. This causes it to flutter its wings. Two taps on the jar has the butterfly fly around the jar once and then flutter its wings. Three taps and the butterfly flies all around the jar opening and closing its wings. I placed my butterfly in a jar on a shelf over my sink next to my kitchen radio. The sound vibrations from the radio cause it to flutter periodically. It is just lovely. It automatically shuts on and off preserving the battery life.

My radio activates it.
No, this is not an item that is mandatory or particularly useful, but it is beautiful to look at and prevents the desire to capture a real butterfly. I think keeping a butterfly in a jar would be cruel for any lengthy period of time, but this one suits my sensibilities. I think it will give my granddaughter a thrill.

Would you like your very own butterfly in a jar? You can find them here. There is also a Yellow Swallowtail version here. They range in price from $17.99 to $19.99.

So there you have a fun and cute Mason Jar idea for both decor and delight.

Happy Monday!