Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thank You, Mr. Postman

Like it? I bought it on Ebay from GlobalFaucets.
Today the postman brought us two items I ordered off of Ebay. The first is the cook top which will run off propane I showed in a prior post and this one shown below. I got a great deal on it on Ebay, super savings over our local RV supplier, which is a whole other story.

Now here is my plan for the bathroom: First, the toilet will be a composting toilet. 'Nuff said.

Second, the tub/shower will be a galvanized trough. Yes, a trough. I went and priced them today. 233 is the model I chose and at just $89.95 it fits the budget. So, it is the one I chose. It measures 3' long by 2' wide by 3' tall. This is serve as my tub and my shower pan. I will do a separate post on this when the time comes.

That brings us to the third, the fixture that is a faucet/shower. I found this faucet that is designed to be used in a high-end slipper/claw foot tub. There are three primary designs for this type of faucet and the design changes are primarily in the length of the spigot itself. I chose the one in the photo (sorry, I am not catalog photographer) because the spigot has a swan neck which will allow the water to stream into the trough despite the distance it will sit from the wall where the faucet actually will be mounted. The other spigots just didn't allow the water to project as much as stream straight down. This one actually angles the water more toward the center of the tub as opposed to right over the edge. A simple pull of the diverter knob and the handheld shower is activated. Because my bathroom will not have a separate sink, this faucet will serve as the sink, the bathtub filler, and the shower. Perfect! The price was fantastic as it was another great Ebay find.

So, we are beginning to collect and catalog the supplies to build our dream tiny home. I have been walking around the house deciding what we will keep and what will go. It is almost a relief to know I won't have to continue to try to keep up with this large house in just a year or two. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful home and I worked hard to get here, but I just don't want to do this long term. This isn't me no matter how long and how hard I try to convince myself it is.

Yesterday I also found a bargain on Craigslist. I managed to get a Hovabator Egg Incubator for just $35. I can't wait to begin raising chickens again. I really enjoy the circle of life and watching the new chicks being born is very rewarding. There is just nothing better than fresh eggs and knowing that my chickens were raised organically and butchered humanely gives me a sense of peace. We humans are meat-eaters. I am a carnivore. I love chicken. However, the idea of chickens raised in large buildings, in small enclosures, and butchered in mass quantity bothers me. My chickens will be free range and well fed. Sunshine and fresh air. I tell you, there is nothing better than free range eggs!

Today  I went to our local RV supply store and were appalled at the crap, and I do mean crap, they had to sell. I went to look at lighting for our 12 volt system and I have to say that what they have was AWFUL. There is no way I am handcrafting a house and then hanging plastic light fixtures that I wouldn't pay 99 cents for, let alone $15.95 and up. Allowing my fingers to do the shopping, I have found several attractive light fixtures meant for high-end boats. For example, I suggested I may want individual reading lamps that are adjustable over the bed. I enjoy reading in bed and task lighting is going to be very important. The lights I like are made by a company named Cantalupi and the model name is Bora. They are $139 bucks PER LAMP on Ebay! I am going to justify buying these (not now, but when I get closer just in case I can find them cheaper) by saying they will be replacing the very expensive collection of lamps in my house now, lol.

After walking the aisles of the RV supply store, I have decided I will probably never darken their doorstep again. The stuff they have is not quality and I would not be able to look at those cheap low quality items and feel good about them. Ever. No compromises.

So, that is an update on where I am today. More to come, so stay tuned!