Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Kitchen is Coming Together!!!!

Since I am doing everything on a budget of next to nothing, I thought I would share the items I have managed to bargain hunt up for our kitchen. Everyone knows that the sink, faucet, stove, fridge, and garbage disposal are the big ticket items that will nickel and dime you to death in your kitchen. I have put HOURS into considering how to go about getting these items at the best price, researched all my local big box stores, and surfed Ebay.

First up on our list is our cook top. I decided that I really didn't need an oven per se, as I plan to have a solar oven, BBQ grill, and outdoor kitchen. I chose to get a propane cook top in black. I got this baby on Ebay for $40 plus shipping! My local RV place wanted over $120 for this same item.

Next, I set about finding a sink. I found a FANTASTIC sink on Ebay and after I bought it, paid for it, and it had shipped, Ebay banned the seller and deleted the record of the sale. It really is too bad, because the seller was great and the sink is fabulous! I made a Best Offer bid on this of $90 and it included shipping, which for a heavy sink is a great deal. Most sinks for the kitchen started at over $200 plus shipping. It was packaged to the 9's and an elephant could have stood on the box and not damaged the sink.

The faucet, which I tried to photograph with the sink, is much prettier than represented in that picture. It is a Danze faucet and the same faucet goes for $400 + on Amazon. I got this one for, drum roll please, $75 plus a little for shipping! It also has a sprayer. It is super heavy and well made. This is the manufacturers photo of it.

I will not have a garbage disposal in my tiny home. Instead I will be composting or feeding the chickens the left overs. I found this great compost container to keep in the kitchen as we cook. It has a carbon filter in the top to keep odors at bay, and is large enough to collect a day or two worth of kitchen scraps before taking them to the compost bin. I had a plastic one for a time at a previous residence that was square, plastic, green, and ugly, but this one matches the stove, sink, and fridge. It will look nice just sitting on the counter even though my plan is to keep it under the sink. I paid $24.50 including shipping for this. A great bargain!

 I am on the hunt for the refrigerator that will suit me best. For now I plan to use the small black cube dorm-size fridge I have under the desk in my classroom. I am hoping to maybe find a 10 cu ft or smaller fridge in black. I ultimately want one that is both electric and propane, but they are very expensive and Rancho No Dinero cannot do expensive. Cross your fingers I can make another fantastic find!