Monday, September 18, 2017

Loss of a Tiny House on Water

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Hurricane Irma was frightening for many of in the US because we all had someone we knew and loved who was impacted by her path. Fortunately, my granddaughter, who resides in Florida, was able to get out of the way of the destructive storm she calls a "Horrorcane." I am grateful she was minimally impacted. However, a fellow tiny house dweller and her family were not so lucky.

Scott and Brittany Meyers along with their twin girls Haven and Mira, and big sister Isla, all lived the life of cruisers on their boat the Asante and had built up a thriving business, friendships, and a life they loved. Fortunately they were stateside visiting family at the time the storm hit, however it is sad to learn the fate of their vessels. Brittany blogged on September 6th how their boat, and home, sank in the marina.
The couple along with their children lived their wonderful life aboard their vessel in the British Virgin Islands. Their cruiser business was located in Tortola and catered to tourists.

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Brittany writes in her post, found here on her blog Windtraveler, of the loss of both homes and lives on the British Virgin Islands. Brittany has been told 90% of the island has been destroyed. Brittany blogged, "She (Irma) raked our island clean of all foliage. It looks like a nuclear bomb was dropped and friends on the ground are describing the scene as "post-apocalyptic." The life they worked so hard to build has been lost to the sea. Their other vessels were tossed into a pile of boats, now beached, which had been moored to ride out the storm. Their loss is 100% property and at this point they are grateful to have their lives. 

Currently Brittany reports they are trying to decide where to go from here. Thankfully they had insurance to cover their losses, but that doesn't ease the emotional pain of losing everything you have worked long and hard for. 

Scott has flown to Puerto Rico where recovery efforts are underway to help those who were not so fortunate. A fund has been set up to help with those efforts. If you would like to consider helping please go to the BVI Relief Fund and consider a donation. 

Please keep Scott, Brittany, and their children in your thoughts. As my mother would say, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."