Monday, December 19, 2016

The Elusive Farmer Barbie

Recently I was made aware there is a Farmer Barbie. Who'da thunk it? I had to have Farmer Barbie for my granddaughter. I mean, how fabulous is Farmer Barbie?!!

So I go to my trusty Amazon site and type in Farmer Barbie to find she is SOLD OUT! OMG, I set about hunting down the only Barbie I have ever considered acquiring for my granddaughter only to find out she is sold out not only on Amazon, but at Target, Toys R Us, and at Kmart NATIONWIDE. I mean, really? SOLD OUT!

Who would have thought a Farmer Barbie would be a hot commodity this holiday season? 

Then tonight, quite by accident, I found Amazon had them available to ship the day after Christmas. Score!!! I snatched one of those suckers up as quick as my fingers could move the mouse to the "one click to buy" button!

I think Farmer Barbie is a great example of a toy which can show our daughters women can do almost anything they want to be. Farmer Barbie says, "Barbie is glamorous, but has no problem shoveling animal shit, helping birth goats on cold, rainy nights, and is capable of taking care of business by providing for herself while being environmentally friendly and a touch glamorous." Farmer Barbie is a Barbie doll this grandmother can get behind. Farmer Barbie is a doll my granddaughter will be able to play with realistically. Farmer Barbie is like her Nona, only way more glamorous (and a whole lot thinner, lol.)

I am going to use Farmer Barbie as both a teaching tool and a fun toy. Farmer Barbie will take care of the menagerie of small farm animals I have been sending my granddaughter since moving to the homestead. I will teach my granddaughter how Farmer Barbie existed in the Women's Land Army in WWI and WWII and how Farmer Barbie is still alive and well today. Farmer Barbie, and women she represents, have been a significant part of providing for their families since the dawn of time.

Farmer Barbie can bring home the bacon, raise it up, butcher it,  and fry it up in a pan.

You go girl!