Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tiny House Recording Studio

So I have been wrestling with a problem. This is totally a Tiny House problem. In a tiny house space is limited; very limited. No kidding, right? The problem I have been running into is a lack of office space at home. In my former suburban life I had a separate office. In my separate office I set up all my recording equipment, had a working desk area, and had access to all supplies at all times. I didn't have to set things up and take them back down in order to serve a meal or go to bed. I miss that. I miss it a lot.

I have toyed with and talked about building a separate tiny building to serve as my recording studio and home office. I have kicked it around now for two and a half years. Well, I finally made the decision, sucked it up, and ordered a small prefab shell of a building measuring 8' x 14'. It was one of the cheapest models that matched my other buildings here on Tiny House Homestead. It was delivered on Thursday. It is p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

A good friend and I spend a few days of labor raking leaves, cutting down fallen and dead trees, and cleared a great space in the forest for the studio. To keep things on a budget I have decided not to insulate the building except in the ceiling. Being only 112 sq. ft. it is easy to heat and easy to cool only when I am using it. It will not have running water, so I don't have to worry about freezing pipes. Besides that, most days in Oklahoma are above freezing anyway.

I had 6 windows installed so fresh air, the cool breeze, and beautiful views could be enjoyed from any direction. I am re-purposing two old doors I scored for $20 as my work table. I have whitewashed the walls and I will be building shelves between the studs. I hope to have the entire building completed by Thanksgiving day so I can get out a podcast soon telling all about it.

Perhaps now I can get more blog posts out and release podcasts in a more timely manner?

It has been two and a half years and I still love my Tiny House and homestead life!