Sunday, October 9, 2016

Social Media Sell Out

It was insidious really. Slowly my blogging became erratic and then sporadic and then just ceased. My podcasting listeners began to question if I was blogfading. I can't really explain what happened except to akin it to a type of depression. I had begun comparing my content to other bloggers and I was feeling like the awkward child who ate alone at lunch and was destined to be picked last for team sports.

I couldn't really put my finger on why I was feeling this way, but each time I sat down to spill my creative guts, I just drew a blank or was unable to narrow my topic to something I felt others would like to read or listen to. But, last night I had a strange series of dreams and then the answer just seemed to pop into my head. I am on Social Media overload. You see, I, like so many of my fellow bloggers, have been led to believe that one must be on all popular social media sites in order to reach our target audience. I must have amazing photographs, tons of advertisers, and some product to sell to somehow make my blog and podcast legitimate. I began to feel like a fraud. Self doubt had crept in and whispered things like "Your homestead isn't picture perfect, therefor you are not a real homestead" and "No one really gives two licks about how you now have goats or that you put up fence." It seems the negative self talk came from looking at what other's posted on Social Media in pretty photos and poetic memes. Social Media is an illusion. I mindlessly scroll through thousands of posts and glean very little but the feeling that others done so much more than me. I began disengaging from my blog community and stopped writing altogether.

But the epiphany came when I realized that perhaps those in my reading and listening community could see through the phony perception that one buys a piece of land and the very next month has a photo ready homestead with overflowing gardens and perfection as far as the eye can see. Perhaps others out in the world are exhausted by the images and information because they do, in fact, know the reality of starting from scratch and living on a homestead. They too know the struggles between limited resources and unlimited vision and dreams. Perhaps I had sold my audience short.

Shame on me.

So here is how it is going to go from here on out: I will blog about my homestead and now worry about what others are doing. I will post about the things I take pride in even if others would feel it inconsequential. Why? Because homesteads don't come picture perfect. They are a hell of a lot of work. Building a house by yourself is a challenge and there will always be the hindsight-is-20/20 thinking, but in the long run I take pride in this place. I did this. I accomplished this and I believe others can as well. I think those who are truly looking to do what I do would appreciate the honest and truthful information vs pictures of perfection and hyperbole.

I am not about numbers, followers, or advertisers. I am about honesty and the journey. Why not come along for the ride and join me on my journey.


  1. I absolutely agree with you. Great post!

  2. Thank you. I, too, am in the process of finishing an off-grid cabin and constantly second-guess my decisions because of what I find on social media. You're right. This is about the journey, hindsight is 20/20 and I am doing this!! Me. I might make a mistake or three but it's mine. Thanks again and keep up the great blogging.

    1. Awesome to hear you too on on the adventure. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  3. Nice post.Thank you so much for sharing this post.