Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bored with Facebook and it is Affecting My Blogging

Did you ever get to a point where something you are super into and love reading about becomes the same thing over and over? Let me use Facebook as an example. I am a member of several Tiny House groups on Facebook. I have researched and read so much that the posts are now becoming painfully repetitive. The same photos, ideas, and questions are posted over and over again. Facebook in general has become that way. It is such a time thief as you scroll through post after post trying to find new and unseen information. I wonder if Facebook will eventually go the way of MySpace?

I think one of the problems is you don't see all the posts from your entire friends list. This means you see the same unhappy people posting the same unhappy, snarky memes over and over. The vibe from
Facebook seems so negative now. I used to enjoy my morning coffee while I caught up on friends and family's posts and activities. Now I just see political mudslinging, memes with spelling and grammar errors, and complaining. Facebook has become, for me at least, useless information overload and time-suckage. Am I the only one that feels this way?

This has me considering only using Facebook to update my Tiny House Homestead page on posts here and moving away from using Facebook for any other purpose. Don't get me wrong, I still think Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with distant family and friends, but maybe my interaction should be through direct posts to them, not generalized posts or memes. Does Facebook actually serve the same purpose it did 5 years ago? 7 years ago?

I think I might feel differently if there was some sort of Facebook search engine. Some way to look though posts quicker for information I find interesting. Right now I just see a mile of posts and maybe find three or four that are actually useful or interesting to me. Life is simply too short to spend hours trying to glean a gem out of this mine of useless information. My time is too valuable.

I find this repetitive information overload to be draining and it actually affects my blogging in a negative way. I hesitate with many of my posts (many never get published) because I don't want to contribute more of the same over and over. I try to update on things I actually do or try here on the homestead. I try to post things that are relevant and useful. Most of all I try to post and be real. This is after all my real life, my real experiences, my real adventure. At least when I post here you make a choice to stop by and read. I don't post five times a day, flooding your email and Facebook with the same posts over and over. I appreciate you, my readers, and I respect your time. I value your feedback.

Anyway, as I was sitting here this morning mulling over the days since my last post and trying to decide on what to write about, I found I haven't done anything super exciting or thrilling or maybe even post-worthy. I worked, collected eggs, lost a few chickens to a critter, slept, ate... well you get the picture. So, if you get irritated because I don't post a ton or I go in spurts, please understand I am trying to spare you bullsh*t fluff because I respect your time.

Are you experiencing the same overload I am? What do you think?