Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day Tiny House Style

Last night sleet and ice began falling on the homestead. The sound of the ice hitting the windows and roof lulled me to sleep. I woke up this morning with excitement wondering how much of the predicted snow fell during the wee hours. Looking out the window I could see it wasn't much snow, but it sure looked beautiful. I put on my boots and grabbed my camera so I could take a few snaps before the dog and cats ruined the newness of the snow. Turns out I didn't need to worry about that as the snow had actually hardened into ice! I am grateful for today being President's Day so I didn't need to worry about going anywhere. Barbara of Silver Moon Homestead posted that she encountered very slick roads and had to turn back to her home. Thankfully school was cancelled so as a teacher she gets to take the day as well. Here are some photos from around the homestead so you can enjoy the snow day too. Happy President's Day!