Monday, January 5, 2015

Mason Jar Nightlight for Mason Jar Monday

Happy Mason Jar Monday. Welcome to the first Mason Jar Monday of 2015! Whoot! I had a fantastic holiday this year despite having pneumonia. I got to fly home and spend four days with my family. It was the best family holiday in many years. I hope you had a safe New Year and wish you the best 2015 possible!

I thought I would start us off right this new year with a quaint and practical gift I received from my mother this holiday. 

This adorable vintage Ball Mason Jar-Style Nightlight is a wonderful addition to my rustic country style kitchen.  

It puts of a soft but bright glow which is much appreciated when I need to get a drink of water late at night. It uses a minimum of electricity but puts of enough light that I don't need to turn on the kitchen light for simpler tasks. 

The plastic canning jar is a nod to the classic vintage blue Ball brand canning jar of yesteryear. The lid even mimics the zinc lid adding to its charm. I love that it has all that charm, but is made of lightweight plastic making it safe in a kitchen, bath, or even a child's room. The plug portion also swivels to help it fit in almost any electrical outlet configuration. This nightlight just keeps getting that much better. 

Want one of these for you own? My mom purchased this treasure at Cracker Barrel. Don't go to Cracker Barrel or have one near you?  I visited their website and found they have them online too! Here is the link to Cracker Barrel so you can  get your very own. 

Oh, how much you might wonder? Just $9.99! That makes this Mason Jar Monday treasure that much more exciting. 

Thanks Mom! 

Happy New Year!