Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Now How Did I Do That?

Ugh. I messed up my blog somehow. I managed to screw up the "comments" on here and I have NO IDEA how the hell I did it. To top  it off, I have been so busy lately I have not had time to sit down and problem solve. I am behind on so much.*

I thought I would give a brief update on my Shouse and homestead progress just to remind myself that all this craziness is for a good purpose. So here is what has been going on around the farm lately:

Packing: I have been packing. One box at a time. Box by box, I am slowly packing my house for the big trip. Using  my system of packing, I have begun tackling the kitchen and many of the decorative items I own. Saving copier paper boxes from work has made this process that much easier and the stacking is consistent. I have close to 20 packed up already.

Job Hunt: I have an interview scheduled for this week. I am very hopeful, as I know I am highly qualified and I think I would do a great job. I will keep you all posted as to what comes of it.

Floor Plan: I made crucial decisions with regards to floor plans this past week and have finalized the layout of the Shouse on the inside. I am still working on the way the buildings will be positioned on the land, but I am 85% sure of that part as well. Scale drawings will be completed this weekend and the position of items such as electrical outlets, phone jacks, and cable outlets will be marked. It is time to start acquiring the plumbing and electrical components.

Rented a Uhaul: I booked the Uhaul and car hauler for the trip. About $950 plus gasoline. It ain't cheap, but it is necessary.

Checked Out Utilities: I called the utility companies (electric, cable, phone, and internet service providers) to get costs to begin service. I am pleasantly surprised at the costs for monthly service. I guess I was expecting a much harder hit to the wallet. It will be nice not to have a recurring water or gas bill.

Outdoor Living: I have decided that a paver and sand patio will be the way to go as opposed to a wooden deck. Wood needs a lot of maintenance where I will be living and pavers can be sprayed with a hose. Simpler to install as well and can be added onto later more easily.

Shouse Placement: I have decided which parcel to put the Shouse on and which to build the animal pens and greenhouse on. The Shouse will sit higher up on the land than the rest, almost overlooking the homestead. I think it will be lovely.

Podcast: I finally released Podcast #10. It is not long, but it does give a good update.

So there you have it. While I have been bad about posting these last two weeks, I have been making progress. This past weekend it rained all day Saturday, which is highly unusual for where I live in AZ. I enjoyed every drop and even took a three-hour nap! Productivity is relative.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

*UPDATE: I figured out what I did! I enabled Google + comments which, in turn, got rid of all my other comments. Hopefully I have resolved it. Why would Blogger insist on being all or nothing? Why not allow Google + comments AND regular comments? Blah!