Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making Progress

It has been a bit since I last posted, but that is because I have been making HUGE amounts of progress on my tiny home. Recently I have begun drawing my plans to scale and modifying the blueprints to meet my needs. My kitchen is going to be amazing and I managed to fit in a staircase. Yes, you read correct, a staircase. Many of you may be trying to puzzle that one out and wondering just how I did so, but I am not going to share until I am done building and post photos because it is so brilliant and I don't want anyone to snag the plan and try to market it. It will just have to suffice when I say that storage will increase as well as the ability to get to the loft without having to be part monkey when I turn 70.

I want to thank Diane A. and her husband. Diane and I work together and she is moving out of state this year. As a result she made me a great deal on some key power tools. Check out what I scored at VERY reasonable prices:

Craftsman 10" Compound Miter Saw

Craftsman 10" Table Saw w/Stand

Craftsman We/Dry Vac (Hose is taped to stay on tight)

Lightweight Folding Saw Horses
I also got these two lovely chaise lounges for the patio. They are very comfortable.

In addition to drawing the blueprints to scale, I also mapped out the water system and the gutter system. The gutter system won't be added until I move the house to the property, but I will have all the parts to put up when I get it in place so I can start harvesting water immediately.

Only 21.5 days of school left until summer. I am going to teach summer school so I can continue to buy the things I need to build. Next month I am going to begin working on prefabricating the custom kitchen cabinets so they will be ready to install when the time comes.

One final find I really like:

My daughter-in-law had this in her front yard. I had never noticed it before and asked about it. She said she had had it forever, but they moved it to the front yard so they would remember to toss it on the next trash day. I asked if I could take it and she said yes. It is a sun dial and will make an awesome way to mark the entrance to my drive. I plan to polish it up and seal it with clear lacquer. I believe it is copper. Pretty cool, don't you think?